Welcome to The Philosopher’s Hat!

This is a Falmouth-based discussion group aimed at providing people with a space and time to don their Philosopher’s Hat and chat about any topic they fancy over a pint in the pub.
We meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at The Boathouse from 7.30pm onwards. 
Check our calendar for upcoming dates and topics. If you’d like to suggest a topic, email c.brand@exeter.ac.uk with “Philosopher’s Hat” as the subject.
See our ‘blog’ page for more info on each session.



Monday, 10th July 2017: “What does the discovery of gravitational waves mean for the Universe?” 7pm onwards

Monday, 17th July 2017: “What can we do about the knowledge inequality pandemic in the UK?” 7pm onwards

Monday, 31st July 2017: “How can we create a global state?” 7pm onwards

Monday 7th August 2017: “Will Climate Change make Earth too hot for humans?” 7pm onwards

Monday 21st August 2017: “Designing a global state to reduce the magnitude and extent of biodiversity loss” 7pm onwards

Monday 4th September 2017: Open Session! All welcome! 7pm Onwards

Monday 2nd October 2017: “Bacteria are masters of Tai Chi” 7pm onwards

Monday 16th October 2017: “Who should be given human rights?” 7pm onwards

Monday 30th October 2017: “What constitutes an ethical (trick or) ‘treat’?” (Halloween Special) 7pm onwards

Monday 6th November: SURPRISE EXPERIMENT….show up for the chance to win £500 and take part in University Research…. 7.30 onwards…

Monday 20th November: “What will AI/automation mean for society and the economy?” 7pm onwards

Monday 4th December: The notion of Free Will 7pm onwards

Monday February 5th 2018: “Ontological pluralism,” what does it mean and why should we care? 7pm onwards

Monday 19th February 2018: Topic TBC. 7pm onwards

Monday 19th March 2018: Free session, all welcome. 7pm onwards.

Tuesday 20th March 2018: BONUS SESSION. Talk on Consciousness, interconnectedness & Hope at Penryn Campus Exchange Lecture Theatre from 12.00-2.00pm, all welcome. Free.

Monday 9th April 2018: Is art just maths? 7pm onwards, all welcome.

Monday 23rd April 2018: Selected Vignettes in the History of Consciousness, & Why We Ought to Dispense With Such a Concept Altogether 7.30pm onwards, all welcome.

Monday 7th May 2018: Open session. Enjoy the sun! 

Monday 21st May 2018: “Some implications of ‘the adjacent possible’: neoteny, plasticity and the development of human society” 7pm onwards

Monday 4th June 2018: Plasticity and human society continued…. 7.30 onwards

Monday 16th July 2018: Moral reasoning: what happens when we apply rigorous logic to human values? 7.30 onwards

Monday 13th August 2018: Insights into pattern formation in many-body systems from 7.30 onwards

Monday 17th September 2018: The Ontology of Pattern: Information and Physics, Part 1. 7.30 onwards

Monday 15th October 2018: Effective altruism, wealth redistribution and caring capitalism. 7.30 onwards

Monday 29th October 2018: Experiments and observations that underpin quantum mechanics. 

Monday 19th November 2018: Can ITER (or nuclear fusion generally) save us from an energy crisis and runaway climate change? 7.30pm onwards

WEDNESDAY 5th December 2018: How is maths possible? Joint event with Cafe Sci @ The Poly, 7.45 onwards

Monday 4th February 2019: The perception of time. 7.30pm onwards @ The Boathouse

Monday 18th February 2019: An introduction to a new form of logic. 7.30pm onwards @ The Boathouse

Monday 11th March 2019: Meaning in art. 7.30pm onwards @ The Boathouse

Monday 18th March 2019: Stanley’s logis part II. 7.30 onwards @ The Boathouse

Monday 1st April 2019: April Fool’s Special: Let’s talk about Brexit. 7.30pm onwards @ The Boathouse

Monday 15th April 2019: The philosophy of veganism: should any sentient being ever be used as a means to an end? 7.30pm @ The Boathouse

Monday 3rd June 2019: What is a number? 7.30pm @ The Boathouse

Monday 15th July 2019: What is money? 7.30pm @ The Boathouse

Monday 22nd July 2019: Should we let Elon Musk take us to Mars? 7.30pm @The Boathouse

Monday 12th August 2019: Climate change: are we too late? 7.30pm @The Boathouse

Monday 2nd September 2019: Why democracy is irrational. 7.30pm @The Boathouse

Monday 16th September 2019: Why is there something rather than nothing? Solipsism. 7.30pm @The Boathouse

Monday 21st October 2019: Should we fill the gap of religion with eco-worship? 7.30pm @The Boathouse

Monday 4th November 2019: What is a biological agent? 7.30pm @The Boathouse

Monday 11th November 2019: What is a biological agent, part II. 7.30pm @The Boathouse

Monday 2nd December 2019: Should there be a new tactical voting app? 7.30pm @ The Boathouse




Feel free to join the Facebook group for more info: http://www.facebook.com/groups/philosophershat

To suggest a topic please email c.brand@exeter.ac.uk or s.lamba@exeter.ac.uk (Lotty Brand & Shakti Lamba) or post it on the Facebook page.

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There is now a Cornwall branch of the BSA: https://www.britishscienceassociation.org/ Check it out for all the latest sciency goodness going on in Cornwall!

Any other suggestions or questions just ask either Shakti: http://shaktilamba.com/  OR Lotty: https://twitter.com/lottybrand22