Climate Change

Another great discussion this week: we discussed some of the issues brought up in the article (the appearance of hypoxic ‘dead zones’ in the oceans, melting permafrost, climate refugees…) and why there doesn’t seem to be the same sense of urgency around climate change as there are around more human-scale issues. We also discussed a thought experiment proposed by John about how a fertile sub-population would spread in an otherwise steady state world under a global state versus nation state conditions, which led into a discussion about population size and back into climate change, optimising land use for ecological diversity, and perpetual growth versus circular and steady state economies. 

Can we create a global state?

Another great discussion, covering everything from “us versus them,” global citizenship, wealth inequality, global freedom of movement, wealth redistribution, philosophy of self, freedom of choice, universal basic income, marxism, climate change, evolution of cooperation and much more! Some links of interest below:

“I have no enemies” – Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo:

Film: “Divergent”:

Black Mirror season 3 episode 1:

Essay on diminishing returns and wealth inequality:

Book by Rodrik:

Evolution of Trust cartoon:






Knowledge Inequality

Another great session discussing information overload, whether the internet needs a filter, how to combat conspiracy theorists, is science the best way to know truth, should university lectures be openly available to all members of the public?

Some weird and wonderful recommendations that came up:

The Dispossessed by Ursula le Guin

The left hand of darkness by Ursula le Guin

The Buddha in the Robot by Masahiro Mori

The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia by Bryan Talbot and Mary M. Talbot