Effective altruism and caring capitalism

Some links based on the opening spiel, and an audio recording of the discussion to follow…

My three “facts” that made me angry and I wanted to talk about:

  1. Jeff Bezos could afford to give every single person (including babies) living in Merced (a city in California that a colleague works in) $1 million each, and he would still have $80billion leftover
  2. In 2017 all the world’s billionaires earned enough in that year alone to end extreme global poverty as defined by Oxfam: https://www.newsweek.com/billionaires-money-end-poverty-report-786675
  3. It would take $28 billion to provide sanitation, clean water, nutrition, education and healthcare to the world’s developing countries (according to Oxfam), and that’s how much Europeans and Americans spend on perfume and pet food annually.

Three fantastic essays from a human behavioural ecologist: 1)  Why Inequality is Bad,  2) The Worst Thing about Poverty is Not Having Enough Money, and 3) Universal Basic Income

Two fantastic websites for effective altruism:

Giving What We Can

The life you can save

A possible solution? (That we didn’t touch on…):

Doughnut economics

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